Home Textile Shop SEUL with the best prices on textiles in Ukraine 2023

There is no need to put your health, money and time at stake, because there is a safe supplier in the market of Ukraine. Each partner cooperating with us has its own specific, advantages. Our main task is not only the sale of luxury textiles:

  • We strive to gain your trust so that you become our regular customer and attract new ones;
  • We guarantee you an honest partnership;

We have a special approach for each of you:

  1. We are constantly evolving, taking into account not only your needs, but also studying the market of competitors;
  2. Provided access to a wide range of home textiles in one store;
  3. We respond to any of your questions, in the shortest possible time;

Founded our store home textiles in 2005, in Khmelnitsky, which is perfectly engaged in selling high quality and prestigious fabrics. The main focus of our activities is retail and wholesale home textiles production Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, China.

If you are interested in high-quality cutting-edge textiles, you should pay attention to our range in the online store SEUL, and in the catalog on the official site, updated in 2023.

Our fundamental advantages over the competition

Before we go to market, we are very careful about the product and the selection:

  1. We study the requirements and demands of our consumers;
  2. The main task is to select first-class textile products from Seoul;
  3. Act as a textile specialist in the industry as, home textiles are tested by our team of highly qualified people;
  4. Listed on the online store https://seul.net.ua/ authentic, the product information corresponds to the manufacturers’ markings.

In the textile online store net Seul presents: bedding sets, bedspreads, plaids, blankets, pillows, tablecloths, towels, napkins, carpets, tracksuits, pajamas, underwear, bathrobes, petsuits, nightgowns, kitchen textiles, decor, children’s textiles and many other interesting and high-quality household products, which you can buy in retail and wholesale. Home textiles are made from a variety of fabrics of different colors, patterns, fillings, all sizes and configurations, because all of this plays a crucial role in shaping your comfortable home. Tastefully chosen textiles will set a certain style, and can noticeably transform your interior.

We have collected a lot of information about manufacturers whose products meet the quality standards, and for cooperation we have selected the best of the best.

How to quickly place an order online?

You can purchase home textiles by any method that suits you:

  • Look in our store in Khmelnitsky, Tkachuka Str. 24, or make address delivery;
  • Order the product by clicking on the link to our online store – seul.net.ua;
  • To make an order by phone with our adviser – +380675175501, +380507341790.

Sending the product is made during working hours from 10:00 to 18:00 without lunch and weekends. After registration of your order, the manager specifies all your questions, and sends the product within 1 hour, named your delivery service, then sends a declaration number to your suitable messenger.

Trust us, we have favorable and safe offers for all occasions, you will be very pleasantly surprised.